Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Call for Prayer

Yeesh. Sam Roi Yot - Our home for the next two weeks.
This morning my brother asked me if I was excited to go to Thailand, I said no. ... Well, no, I am excited but at that point in the day it had not "hit me" yet that I was going to Thailand in two days. My brother's theory was that it would hit me when I started packing (no, I have not started packing.)

But for some reason, when I was coming home from Lawrence today... it hit me. I have not had much time to think about it but it hit me. OH crap. Hard. My stomach is exploding and my heart gets so full when I look at photos of Thailand and when I think of the kids that I get to be with.

Not many people get to be where I am and do what I have done. I cannot make you understand how blessed I am. I cannot make you feel what I am feeling. I want to throw my hands up in praise and surrender yet at the same time get down on my knees in worship. Holy, holy.

All of these experiences I have been given can sometimes make me feel proud and very special. However, I am thankful for reminders of our King and His plan. Here are a couple of the "reminders" or maybe I should call them "soul checks".

  • I was amazed that people would so generously give great amounts of money* to what WE are doing and fund MY trip to Thailand . But I remember they are not giving to "we" and "my" and "I", but they are giving to glory our King. To honor our King.
  • Last night I talked to my friend about Thailand and I am thankful for his words, "Take everything as it comes." He reminded me with his words that NONE of this is in my little hands that so eagerly grasp for control. He encouraged me to basically just go with it and honestly that totally freaks me out.

Everyone, please pray that I continue to get these reminders that God is in control and it is totally not about me. 

Pray for our team.

  • That we would all be call upon the Lord for strength. That it comes at just the right time.
  • For our safety. Seriously. 
  • For team love and grace. SERIOUSLY. (especially on my behalf, I get grumpy.)
  • Scheduling/Activities that we would get tons of knowledge on the first day and be able to figure stuff out. We are going in about 80% blind so we need prayer. 
  • That we would get flexible. That everyone would be patient with the situation and take joy in the hard confusion. 
Much love,


*I actually do not know who gave the TONS of money that funded this trip but goodness! May God bless you for your trusting in Him. You
swiftly gave so much money after we asked for it and over half before we even asked! Praise the Lord.