Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No words...

I am cold. It is November. Kansas cannot decide to give us the cold shoulder, to light our own fires in the neglected fire place or keep flirting its warm afternoons without shame.

I sit here in the dining room, with the remnant of cold-once-piping hot coffee at my side. The printer handing me notes from five months ago, cold as well, not warm like you would get from a copy machine. You could say I am neglecting my Anatomy paper and I would say that is undoubtedly true but there are things to be said other than how your skeletal system works with your digestive system.

I have been struggling with my thoughts lately. I have even been tempted to follow a road in which I have been before and will only lead to hurt and more hurt. To be honest I even started down that road once or twice only to be yanked out again. I have beaten myself down simply by not reminding myself of some great truths in life.

TOO much is on my mind. Thoughts of people fill my mind, facebook dwells so easily on my computer that I am burdened by the weight of 421 other people’s updates on life, and I simply do not need that, no one does. School burdens me with its ghost-like importance in my life. It is here but it is somewhat unwelcome and very frightening. And on and on it goes with all the information coming in and taking over. I am consumed in my thoughts and that is a dangerous life to lead.

I attempted to express this to my dear friend today, and she reminded me of this. That God in all of his complexity and greatness, and in all of my attempts to achieve and my success at failing, he loves.

God loves .

He loves without fail
He loves without prejudice
He loves without thought
He simply loves.

This is a powerful, extreme and tremendous love that flows from the hands of our Father.

This is my thought. That this love drudges up all of what is going on in my head and sticks it in a fiery inferno lake of lava and burns all those thoughts into nothingness. He purifies with his love.

God’s love overcomes all. And that is what I am thankful for.

I want to dance in this ocean of love because I know that He is what brings me peace and contentment.

Saturday, November 20, 2010